Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart

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Recently I had a chance to try out the Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart. The swing comes in 3 different colors and I tried all 3 of them. If comes in Black, Camo and Cheetah prints.

The first thing that struck me as a little odd is that on the box for the Cheetah and Black swings, they had stick figure icons indicating they these swings were for straight, gay or lesbian. The box for the camo swing had the stick figures indicating it was for the gay community.

Now this is a little strange to me. The swings wire all identical when I compared them. The measurements and everything were completely identical. So I am not sure why one swing would only be for guys.

Maybe it is marketing. But Camo for gay guys? I am not in the gay community myself, but it just seems Camo is a little weird. I live in the country where camo is very popular. Hunting is a huge deal around here and camo is a major fashion item.

Then I watch Modern Family… I can just not see Cam into hunting and camouflage. Or Will & Grace? I just do not see will being all excited by Camo.

Whatever. I like the Camo print myself, so that is the one I decided to actually use (I had them all and compared measurements and they are all identical)

This sex swing has a spreader bar that is only 14 inches wide. This is the narrowest sex swing I have used at this point. While the swing was comfortable when I used it, I could feel it in my hips the next day from being squeezed.

The swing also cam with a spring that had a weight limit of 200 pounds. The first problem I had was the hook on the spring was too small to attach to the bar on 1 of the 3 prints that I had. The second swing it did fit, but barely. So be aware that it may take some work to get this together.

The swing itself was pretty comfortable. The webbing for the primary straps was only 1 ¾ inches wide, but the did has a very wide padded seat that was made of some type of closed cell foam such as a neoprene. The narrow webbing does affect the comfort a little because even with wide padding, the padding just wraps around the webbing so you do not get the full benefit of the wide seat.

The swing comes with a primary and secondary strap as well as stirrups. This swing does not include handles or head rest, but there are companies that sell these features to add to any swing that does not have them, so that is not a big deal if you want to get them.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good swing, but I would recommend this swing the most for small girls without a lot of hips because of the overall width of the swing.

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