Plus Size Sex Swing

There are a lot of sex swings that make a lot of claims about supporting large weights of several hundred pounds, but it you are a plus size person and you want a sex swing, there is only one real option for you a dual hook sex swing from Screamer.

There are few unique things that make this sex swing unique from all other on the market.

First off, the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing has 2 hooks rather then just 1 hook. The mounts in the ceiling is the weakest point of most swings and having 2 hooks doubles the weight capacity of the swing. Additionally, in the case of a swing failure, you do not have a heavy bar over your head that can potentially call on you and cause injury.

When looking at the design of the swing, the Screamer is built on 4 inch webbing rather than a 2 inch webbing like most other swings. This allows for a greater weight displacement making it much more comfortable over other sex swings, especially for those with a few extra pounds.

The last major benefit is the width of the sex swing. Most sex swings attached to an overhead bar have a fixed with of about 22 inches. For anyone with extra weight or wide hips, this 22 inch swing can be very narrow and pinch your hips and feel a uncomfortable. With a dual hook sex swing, you can space the hooks much farther apart. Placing the hooks for example 36 inches apart will make the seat of the sex swing much wider than the seat on a standard sex swing.

Plus size people still like to have a lot of fun, and the dual hook sex swing is possibly the best and most fun way to do it.