The Best Swings – Ranking My Favorites

The Best Sex Swings

Screamer – Love the Ride!!!
Wild Side – Love the Price
WhipSmart – Love the Colors

Headrest for swing

So here are my thoughts about my favorites. First, you need a headrest – Without a headrest, it just will not be comfortable enough. The universal headrest works with all sex swings. This is a must-have.

Now that we have got that out of the way, my three favorites. Well, they all have one thing in common. Comfort. For me, that is the #1 feature I always consider. To me, a swing is no fun if you are not comfortable after only 2 minutes. Kinda defeats the purpose.

So in my tops, I have two dual hook swings. A dual hook is more comfortable than a single hook because it can be made to go wider. This pinches on your hips less, and that is a plus. So if you have hips, go with a dual hook swing like the Screamer Dual Hook or the Wild Side.

Think Padding

The best swings are all about comfort and a big part of comfort is the padding. The goal is to spread your weight over more area and reduce the pressure in a small area.

Both the Whipsmart and the Wild Side have thinner firmer padding, and that will add to the comfort a lot. While the Screamer has a softer foam, it makes up for the lack of firmness by using a much wider webbing strap.

So for the best sex swings, I have included the Wild Side because it is the most comfortable at a low-end price point. I have included the Screamer because it is the best overall swing with many features…. and the Whip Smart is a comfortable option that falls somewhere in the middle but with lots of color options.

So there you have it. My quick guide to my three favorite swings and why I think they are the best.

There is a lot more to learn about comfort and swings in general. Check out my Sex Swing 101 page.