Sex Swings are Like High Heels. Slings are Like Sneakers

Sex Swings and High HeelsAs a man who loves a girl in high heels, and has tried a lot of sex swings, I can tell you the sex swings are a lot like high heels. Slings are like sneakers.

To me there is nothing that can compare to a sexy girl wearing heels. The soccer mom look wearing flats or sneakers all the time is just not for me. I want the excitement of the hot girl.

My wife, however, never seems to hear my begging. Getting her to wear heels is a major ordeal. I think she only wears them when she goes out someplace special and takes them off as soon as we are in private, before I have a chance to love on her. Not exactly what I have in mind when I think of erotic moments.

So what is up with this?

Well it comes down to a guy wanting a freaky sexy hot wife, and a wife wanting to be comfortable.

Now I am all for comfort, but occasionally I just want the crazy hot chick.

Well in the word of sex swings, there are two main types. Sex swings and sex slings. Sex swings generally have 2 straps and stirrups where sex slings are more like a hammock.

The sex swing is like high heels and the sex sling is more like sneakers.

Sex slings are extremely comfortable but limited to basically one position. Sex swings are not really that comfortable but there are a ton of super erotic positions.

Over 80% of the visitors to our website are men. All guys think that sex swings are hot. It is like the high heels. We all love our girls to be a little bit freaky. We want the girl that can bend into every imaginable positions and bang like a porn star.

Girls on the other hand want to lay back and love their man. The want to be comfortable and passionate.

Girls tend to want a sex sling where a lot of guys seem to like a sex swing. With most of the traffic to our site being guys, it is not surprising that sex swings sell a lot more then slings. But maybe this should not be the way.

Over the years, I have bought my wife a lot of heals with the hopes that someday she will wear them. Heels that are name brand, heels that are expensive, heels that are pink, heels that are very trendy, even heels that she specifically says she thinks are hot…. all of them have the same result. They are worn very rarely and thrown in the closet most of the time. They all have the same problem, they are not very comfortable.

If I buy her a new part of running shoes however, they will be worn every day… because they are comfortable.

Sex swings are a lot the same. We have over 30 different sex swings in our house. The swings tend to sit in the closet, and the slings get used.

Now I know that slings are not as hot as swings, but in my mind having a sling and using it regularly is a lot more fun then owning a swing and having it sit in the closet.

While I love going out with my wife when she is wearing heels, I have learned I would rather go out with her wearing flip flops than not to go out at all.