WhipSmart Pleasure Sex Swing


Ultra-plush WhipSmart Pleasure Swing in Black is one of our top pick swings.


  • Single Hook
  • Thick Padding
  • Stirrups
  • Spring Included
  • Color Options
SKU: CNVEF-ECJD6950-20 Category: Brand: GTIN: 803938969100


WhipSmart Pleasure Sex Swing

Padding: It is really what makes the Pleasure Sex Swing. It is THICK, and what it lacks in webbing it makes up for in cushy padding.

Colors: It comes in several different colors. I personally love the white one.

Big stirrups: The stirrups have huge loops and you can use them on your feet or thighs

Single Hook: If you only want to mount in 1 location, 1 eye hook, then a single point is a great option.


Cons to the Pleasure Sex Swing: the bar is narrow, only 14-inches. This normally is one of my biggest drawbacks to single hook bars and the Pleasure Swing has the narrowest bar on the market. But, the padding makes this a near no

n-issue, unless you are curvy. Then stick with a dual hook.


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs

Black, Pink, White, Cheetah



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