Wild Side Purple Sex Swing

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Wild Side Sex Swing in Purple is comfortable, safe and easy to install. You will find endless positions with this swing.


  • Dual Hook
  • Wide Straps
  • Includes Springs
  • Chain free
  • 2 Main Straps
  • Stirrups
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    Wild Side Sex Swing is offered in 4 vibrant colors. I, of course, love the most colorful ones like this purple. It is so pretty and fun.  One of my favorite pictures is this one. They had so much fun in this photoshoot and that makes me happy because that means they agree it is comfortable too!






    The Wild Side is a dual hook, so you need 2 locations to mount each spring. This swing has a comfortable butt strap and backstrap and 2 matching stirrups. The padding is thick and firm and it is so easy to adjust.

    What I love about a dual hook is the ability to space out the straps wider. This will give you girls with hips a lot more room and comfort in your hips.



    Special Note: The Wild Side Sex Swing doesn’t come with a headrest or handles, so you may want to add those.

    The Wild Side Sex Swing is Squatting Attachment compliant so check those out too! They are so fun and I love doing my squatting workouts without the thigh burns and having some fun on my man!


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    Weight 8 lbs


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