Swing Instructions

Installing a sex swing is a fairly simple process, but if you have no real handyman type skills, I would recommend just finding a handyman in your town or on marketplace or a like online location. It is better to do it right than wrong. Safety is our #1 priority when hanging from the ceiling.

Now each manufacturer has its own guidelines on installation and for most, the instructions are included in the packaging, and for others, the instructions can easily be found online.

A dual hook sex swing such as the Screamer or Wild Side will have the most different options for installation, but a single hook such as the WhipSmart will only require one mounting point to hang it. Both have their advantages.

Installation Tips

  1. Ceiling Hook. Most swings mount to your ceiling by eye bolt. This is sometimes included or can be purchased at a Home Depot or other store for about $1.  Mounting to a ceiling requires you to screw into the center of a ceiling joist. This mount is permanent and can not be removed between uses. It must stay in place or it will weaken and fail.
  2. Stands. The second most common way to hang a sex swing is from a stand. This is a great option for those that can not do a ceiling mount, but the stands are big and do take up a lot of space. It is not uncommon for people to use them in their living room. Make sure you check space requirements before ordering a one.
  3. Creative options. There are a number of creative options out there. These options range from a strap over exposed beams, to hooks drilled into opposite walls in a hallway. To learn more about these types of options make sure you check out our YouTube channel. We add new ideas as we come across.

7 Ways to Install your sex swing

This is not our video, but it is a great example of many different options when installing a sex swing.