Wider Is Better For Sex Swings

An important factor in swing comfort is its width. A lot of people do not consider this when purchasing, but it is a very important factor.

When you sit on a swing, the straps go around your body and come up along both side of you. As the swing gets narrower, it squeezes your body more on your hips. Now this is not just about plus size people, but also all moms that now have wider hips. The more narrow the swing is the more it will press in on your hips.

I recently tried the Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart and I thought it was very comfortable when I sat in it. There was a little pressure, but I thought it was not too bad because they had a lot of padding. But the next day my hips hurt all day long, feeling like a really bad cramp. I have never had that from a swing before. So even with initial comfort, I am not sure I love that swing any more.

So to help you out with this, Sex Swing Outlet is now including the swings width as a standard measurement in all the product descriptions. Here are just a few examples.

Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart – 14”

Trinity Vibes – 19”

Screamer Single Hook – 22”

Dual Hook Sex Swings – Varies up to 32”