Don’t Hide a Sex Swing Hook, Don’t Install One

The most common question is always, what do I tell my parents or kids about the hook in the ceiling?

Well there is a lot on the internet about how to hid the hook so people can not see it, but here I am going to give you a quick list of options that you can use that do not require a permanent hook in your ceiling.

1. Sex Swing stand – Best option but it requires a lot of space and has a high cost. But this will be the best most sturdy option.

2. Chinup bar modification – you can buy a chin up bar at a sporting good store and modify it to hold your sex swing. This is a low cost option but only has a weight limit of about 150-200 pounds in the sex swing.

3. Door mounts – You can get a set of door mounts and put them over the tops of doors that are directly across a hallway from each other. This works well for a lot of people but you need a dual hook swing and to have doors that are directly across from each other.

4. Beam Mount. – You can hang your sex swing from an exposed beam using a beam mount strap, or you can be adventurous and take it outside in the forest and throw the beam strap over a large tree limb.

So maybe these will work for you. Let me know if you have any ideas that I have not thought of yet.