Spring Types For Sex Swings

One of the most important parts of a sex swing is the spring. This spring adds safety by reducing the impact force your swing makes on your mount whether it is a stand or a ceiling hook.

Now some swing manufacturers recommend using a swing without the spring for higher weight loads, but I can never recommend that. These manufacturers take the stance the a spring is only for adding bounce and making it fun. They forget the underlying safety issues that the engineers planned when they first put the spring in.

So when it comes to springs, if you are planning on using a sex swing at a weight limit higher than the springs are designed for, then buy a bigger spring, but please do not use it without one.

Types of SpringsNow springs come in 3 standard types, the torsion spring, the compression spring and the extension spring.

A torsion spring is used for twisting actions. This would be things like cloths pins or chip clips. They apply force in a circular direction. There is one manufacture that incorrectly labels their spring on their box as a torsion spring, but clearly using a torsion spring on a swing would not make much sense.

A compression spring is spring that is squeezed together. Examples of compression springs would be the springs in your bed, the springs you find if you ever take a pen apart, or the spring in your cars suspension. In cartoons, these are the types of springs the coyote would strap to his feet when he wants to jump high while trying to catch the road runner. A compression spring would also not make a lot of sense for a sex swing.

Last is an extension spring. This is the kind of spring that stretches. You would find these in things like old screen doors where they stretch when the door is open and it then slams it shut. This is the type of spring that comes with most of the sex swings.

Drawbar SpringThe Screamer sex swings use what is called a drawbar spring. A drawbar spring is not really its own type of spring, but it is a compression spring acting like an extension spring. The draw bar spring does this by running wires through the center of a compression spring and pulling them from opposite sides so the spring itself compresses as the overall length of the spring extends.

Now this is very important for safety reasons. An extension spring can be damaged if it is overloaded. This is why the swing manufacturers that have extension springs recommend removing them if you may exceed the weight limit. A drawbar spring has a solid limit that it can not extend past. While an extension spring can stretch forever until it breaks, a compression spring can only compress until the coils are flat. Then it essentially functions like a solid piece of metal.

So when you are using a drawbar spring on your swing, you have the safety against overload. The spring will compress all the way and then hold solid like a solid piece of metal. The extension spring will stretch until it breaks.

So the recommendation of this site is that if you are going to be near the weight limit of your spring, upgrade the spring. Also, we recommend if you do upgrade, consider a drawbar spring since it has the build in safety.