Bondage Sex Swings

If your anything like me, which I’m guessing you are if your on this website reading this, your probably into some kinky shit. Even if you aren’t the best part about swings and toys is you don’t have to be an expert or super kinky. If you’re just getting bored living in vanilla world with … Read more

Sex Swing Positions

Sex Swing Feature Post Image

So I have to admit… my job rocks. I mean really I get to test out sex swings for a living. And one of the most fun parts is positions. There is no ancient text or karma sutra about positions in a swing that shows all that man has learned for thousands of years. These … Read more

The Best Swings – Ranking My Favorites

The Best Sex Swings Screamer – Love the Ride!!!Wild Side – Love the PriceWhipSmart – Love the Colors So here are my thoughts about my favorites. First, you need a headrest – Without a headrest, it just will not be comfortable enough. The universal headrest works with all sex swings. This is a must-have. Now that we have … Read more

Spring Types For Sex Swings

Types of Springs

One of the most important parts of a sex swing is the spring. This spring adds safety by reducing the impact force your swing makes on your mount whether it is a stand or a ceiling hook. Now some swing manufacturers recommend using a swing without the spring for higher weight loads, but I can … Read more

Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart

Whip Smart Pleasure Sex Swing

[ashortcode_woo id=’277′ class=”right”] Recently I had a chance to try out the Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart. The swing comes in 3 different colors and I tried all 3 of them. If comes in Black, Camo and Cheetah prints. The first thing that struck me as a little odd is that on the box for … Read more

Wider Is Better For Sex Swings

An important factor in swing comfort is its width. A lot of people do not consider this when purchasing, but it is a very important factor. When you sit on a swing, the straps go around your body and come up along both side of you. As the swing gets narrower, it squeezes your body … Read more

Plus Size Sex Swing

There are a lot of sex swings that make a lot of claims about supporting large weights of several hundred pounds, but it you are a plus size person and you want a sex swing, there is only one real option for you a dual hook sex swing from Screamer. There are few unique things … Read more

Sex Swings after Kids?

Well I get alerts from Google daily so that I do not miss any happenings related to sex swings. If something happens, I want to know about it and let you know if it is relevant. But the last couple days I have started to see a trend. People are getting rid of sex swings … Read more