Sex Swings after Kids?

Well I get alerts from Google daily so that I do not miss any happenings related to sex swings. If something happens, I want to know about it and let you know if it is relevant. But the last couple days I have started to see a trend. People are getting rid of sex swings on Craigs List. Today, the guy was giving it away for free because he had “a baby on the way”… Really? Once you have a kid you can no longer have a sex swing?

To me this is really interesting. I have kids. We have as much sex or more sex now then we did before we had kids. Having kids makes your moments that you have with your significan other all that more significant. Make the most of those moments. Sex swings are easy enough to put up and down. Add a lock to your bedroom door and have some sex.

This whole line of thinking is one of the main contributors to the high divorice rate among empty nesters. Once all the kids move out and the parents are there looking at each other, they find themselves wondering what to do now or find that they drifted apart all those years they had kids in the house.

There is really no excuse for this type of divorice. Even while you have kids, you have to continue to be a complete human being with your partner, and that included sex. Probably lots of sex. You need to have just as much sex after you have kids as you did before you had kids. So PLEASE stop getting rid of your sex swings and spend some money on a lock for your bedroom door. Or better yet, lets make bedroom door locks a standard item for baby shower gifts so we can help to save our friends relationships.