Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

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The Dual Hook Screamer Sex Swing is by far the leader in Sex Swings and this swing is everything you want and more.


  • 2 Spring
  • 2 Chains
  • 4 Carabiners
  • 2 Quick link
  • 1 Set of hand grips
  • 1 Set of stirrups
  • 1 Back belt
  • 1 Seat belt
  • Storage Bag
  • Easy to assemble
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    Ultimate Pleasure in the Screamer Sex Swing

    Are you looking for quite possibly the perfect sex swing? Well, it is this one. Screamer Dual Hook is the cream of the crop when it comes to style, comfort, safety, and design.

    Style: The Dual Hook has all-metal hardware, 4-inch wide webbing on the seat, sleek metal alligator clips for the most adjustment in any swing.

    Comfort: There is no swing more comfortable than a Dual Hook by Screamer. This is many factors but what play most into this is the wide 4-inch seat with both padding and 4-inch webbing to support a wide seat and back strap.

    Comfort and attention to detail is in every aspect of the Dual Hook. The handgrips are comfort style soft, yet firm, hand grips. The stirrups are padded and wide.

    Adjustment: You can take this swing all the way up to where the seats nearly touch the springs or all the way to inches from the floor. What makes it so adjustable is the unique alligator clips.  The Screamer Dual Hook works on a dual hook system and allows for any strap to be removed or moved for ultimate penetration and positions.wsi-imageoptim-home-sample1

    Safety: With the Dual Hook design there is no bar above your head, I love this. If you ever saw my video of my husband banging his head on a bar, it is a mood killer. Also, Screamer offers the very best springs and the sewing quality is like nothing I have ever seen. It is perfection.

    Design: Screamer truly left nothing out with this swing. Including the metal hardware and the storage bag. Plus it is not bulky, it fits in a fairly small bag you can keep in your nightstand, but yet is packed with quality and style.


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    Weight 8 lbs


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