Wild Side Blue Sex Swing

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Wild Side Sex Swing comes in 4 different colors. The Blue is a dusted stone blue.


  • Dual Hook
  • Wide Straps
  • Includes Springs
  • Chain free
  • 2 Main Straps
  • Stirrups


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    The Wild Side Sex Swing is one of our favorites for a few reasons. To start is budget-friendly and comes in 4 awesome colors. The straps are comfortable and nicely padded with thick foam covered in vibrant color. Easy to adjust and simple to use. The Dual Hook Sex Swing design allows for extra comfort and room in the hips.

    wsi-imageoptim-wsswingblue2This is a perfect view of the Wild Side. You can see the 2 springs that attach to your mounting location.

    The straps are easy to adjust and have the 2nd most adjustable of any swing available.  The webbing is 2″ wide but don’t worry, the padding is thick and works perfectly to keep your bum and back comfortable.

    And let’s cover the color! Love all the Wild Side colors and this stone blue is no exception. It is bold yet not overpowering in color. If you want a splash of color but not something as bold as bright pink, defiantly think about this Wild Side Blue Sex Swing.








    Note: you may want to add a headrest and handle set to this swing to make it a perfect set up!

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    Weight 8 lbs


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