Choosing a Swing

What to look for when buying a swing

When it comes to choosing the swing for you, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  1. Swing Type
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety

Swing Type

The first question is what type of swing do you need to have. Swings come in 4 general types (images above)- Single Hook, Dual Hook, Slings and Door Swing.

SINGLE HOOK – sex swing is by far the most common, partly due to being the most chosen to be manufactured. This is a great option for people who only want a single mounting location or desire a spinning swing.

DUAL HOOK – sex swing is our favorite and one of the most popular once people do research and education on quality and versatility of positions.

SEX SLING – is like a hammock. It will have much more comfort then a sex swing, especially for long time use, but it has a more limited range of positions. Mainly you will be on your back. Slings are great for long scenes and for people with back or hip/knee injuries.

DOOR SWING – door swings are pretty different for a free hanging swing. These types of swings attach to any standard door. The down side of that is there is a door in your way and that drastically limits your positions. The main advantages of a door swing are the price, and they are easier to mount if you live in an apartment or something.

Swing Comfort

Comfort is probably the biggest factor in choosing a sex swing. Sex Slings are the highest level of comfort. Other style swings however can have a large range of comfort levels from very nice and plush to feeling like you are sitting on a piece of rope.

There are a number of factors that will influence the comfort of your swing.

  1. Width – The width of the swing will determine how wide the seat of your swing is. A narrow seat can be hard (hurt) on your hips, especially if you are curvy. So in general, for ultimate comfort, wider is better. A dual hook swing will give the widest options and our favorite.
  2. Padding – There are 2 ways to make the padding more comfortable. The first theory is to add a very firm and sturdy foam/padding to support your weight more evenly. Whip Smart and Wild Side Brands offer thick dense padding, and it does work for added comfort. The second approach is to create a wider webbing seat to support high quality foam. The Screamer Sex Swing Brand does just this. They offer a 4″ webbing seat overlaid with thick foam. Both of these can make the straps very comfortable. Some swings go with a very thin foam AND narrow straps. This can make a swing uncomfortable. We aim to make sure you are aware of this with every description.
  3. Headrest – A headrest is an absolute must for comfort. If you are a man buying a swing for your woman, do me a favor, lay on the edge of your bed with your head hanging off. Then hold your head up level for 5 minutes…. THEN, go buy a headrest with your swing. – Unfortunately no swings come with a headrest, but you can get a universal headrest that will work with all swings HERE.


The last part to mention is safety. In general all swings are very safe and strong, but we do have a couple thoughts on this. First is to always- ALWAYS- use the spring. Some swings recommend using a swing without a spring, but we would never recommend that. It will put unneeded load (and compounded load) on your ceiling or stand. Some swings have springs with higher weight limits. Get those swings… or purchase an upgrade spring HERE. For the couple dollars difference, We like having peace of mind when free hanging from the ceiling or a stand.

An additional item for piece of mind is the spreader bar. I mentioned before that wider is better, but one things we don’t love is a heavy bar above our heads. While within our shop, we have never had a swing fall on anyone….. and if you mount it correctly to your ceiling, you never should, just the idea of having a 6 pound bar above my head freaks me out. This is the main reason we are partial to dual hook swings. There is no bar above your head and it just makes it easier to enjoy the swing rather then worrying about it…. plus the dual hook swings have 2 mounting points giving the ability to have a wide seat spread ideal. Basically… we just feel that a dual hook is the overall best deal and comfort. Of course that is the opinion of or team, but, trust us!